Set of 6 Assorted Style Teapot Birdhouse Garden Stakes

Item #: ZR113168
UPC: 880113168152

Our Assorted Iron Teapot Birdhouse Garden Stakes are a beautiful, functional decorative garden item, with an antique copper finish that makes the stakes easily visible between the greenery in your garden. Turn any atmosphere into a scene fit for Alice In Wonderland or Aladdin with these magical teapot birdhouse stakes. Add that extra touch of whimsy that will be sure to make your yard stand out above anyone else's.

- Safe for year round, outdoor use
- Powder coated iron
- Weather & rust resistant
- Easy to assemble; no tools needed
- Sturdy and durable
- Secures easily and steadily into soft surface or ground


Product Dimensions:
ZR113168-1     Genie Lamp                        12"X9"X65"H. (Birdhouse Only: 6.5"H)
ZR113168-2     Square Teapot                      9"X7"X65"H. (Birdhouse Only: 7.5"H)
ZR113168-3     Ribbed Octagonal Teapot   10"X7"X65"H. (Birdhouse Only: 7"H.)
ZR113168-4     Round Classic Teapot         11"X7.5"65"H. (Birdhouse Only: 6"H)     
ZR113168-5     Tall Hourglass Teapot          10"X9"X65"H. (Birdhouse Only: 10.5"H)
ZR113168-6     Victorian Style Teapot          11"X9"X65"H. (Birdhouse Only: 7.5"H)

Brand: Zaer Ltd. International

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